I (Hudson, owner of Dent Gents) would love to tell you a story about this particular front fender smash that I had the privilege to work on:

The above picture is a dent that I repaired with the art of paintless dent removal in the parking lot of an office building here in the Woodlands Texas. Now, I wouldn’t say that working under the hot Texas sun on top of black asphalt is my idea of fun but it goes to show what we are willing to do as a company to service you, our amazing customers. We are a mobile company in the Woodlands, Spring, Conroe and Magnolia areas after all. 

This is the right front fender of a 2014 Ford Focus and the owner of this particular vehicle had only been driving this brand new car for a month until this unfortunately happened. He was at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, YeeHaw, and when he came back out to his car, he came out to the damage that some cowboy had left him. No one left a note or anything, just a dent. 

Luckily for this gentleman he found the right guys for the job. Since the car barely had 1,000 miles on it, he most definitely did not want to have to paint his brand new vehicle. That is where Dent Gents came in and was able to keep the orignial paint on the vehicle while repairing the damage completely. 

Through the process of Paintless Dent Repair or Removal, I was able to gradually and meticulously massage the damage out from the under side of the fender. Using specially designed tools for my particular industry I removed the headlight and found the perfect leverage and fulcrum point to remove the dent beautifully.  

Needless to say, the customer was estatic with the result. 

We at Dent Gents have so many stories like this one. We save the factory paint, which maintins the value of your vehicle. We come to you and remove the damage in the matter of a few hours. No need for a week long repair at a body shop that requires you to acquire a rental car.  

Essentially, we are increasing the value of your vehicle for half the cost of the body shop and at a tenth of the time. Why wouldn’t you want to use us. 

Call or text Dent Gents today to schedule your free in person estimate. 

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